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WebsterHart provides a personalised property management service to individual clients and their Family Offices. Our primary objective is to enhance our client's experience of their various properties by maximising the potential of each home.

Our fully bespoke and comprehensive management approach is tailored to meet each client and their property’s specific requirements. Whether the property is our clients’ primary residence or a second home, we aim to ensure that they get the most out of their home. We take charge of maintaining the building structure, mechanical and electrical systems, home automation setups, and managing personnel within the property to ensure this is achievable.

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Our management systems guarantee the maintenance of properties in optimal condition through both proactive and responsive measures. WebsterHart has built an unparalleled international property network, exclusively collaborating with top-tier contractors and other service providers to provide the highest levels of service to our clients. Our selection of preferred suppliers is reviewed regularly to maintain exceptional standards for our clients.

WebsterHart (WH) took over in fairly difficult circumstances from another property manager and quickly and efficiently resolved items and were in constant communication. Due to the good service, the relationship has evolved significantly and WH have taken over the effective day to day running of the London family office operation since 2019.



While all our property management instructions are tailored to suit the client's needs, we offer the following services as a management service from start to finish.


We create and implement a maintenance structure to provide a high level of service in line with the needs of the property and the expectations of the occupants for both planned and reactive work. Within this service, we plan, manage and oversee maintenance and small works schemes around client occupancy to ensure minimal disruption.


We carry out periodic inspections of all areas of the house, including plant rooms, control panels and storage areas. We then take appropriate action for any defect or problem found.


Provide regular detailed property updates to the clients as often as required, in addition to a regular quarterly report provided to the client and their family office summarising all elements of maintenance, operational and financial activity.


Advise where necessary and negotiate contract terms with utility providers. Our Accounting team are often also engaged to assist in the payment and oversight of these bills providing a seamless management service.


We can advise on the structure and numbers of domestic staff to reflect the requirements of the clients and the individual property, assist with their recruitment and ongoing management. We can also assist with the sourcing of seasonal and occasional staff as required.


Moving into a new home is rarely straightforward and can be a stressful time for all – WebsterHart can assist with all aspects of the move from liaising with international shipping companies, to finding house staff and engaging local contractors, and everything else in between.


Working with the client team, we can prepare budgets to reflect the likely annual running cost of their new home – including utilities, staffing, maintenance and even entertaining.     

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